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Our Fourth Post — November 28, 2008

November 29, 2008

It was another busy, but exciting, week in our classroom. The children enjoyed learning about our new literacy and math centres. During our literacy block, we taught them a special chant to help them remember the sequence of events in The Three Little Pigs. See if your child can teach this chant to you.

As an exciting event in math, the children are not only continuing to work on their number recognition and counting skills, but the SK children are learning about combining sets, which is a precursor to addition. While many of the students will tell you that 5+5=10 or 2+2=4, they have just learned these addition facts by rote, and they are still learning what this actually means. We are discussing this meaning with them through our shared math activities.

This week, we also completed some of our inferencing activities, which are now displayed in the classroom for you to look at during your parent observation interviews. Some of the children even wrote the expectations to accompany these activities. We are excited to show you how much the students’ writing has developed since September.

Have a great weekend! We look forward to meeting with you next week during our Parent Observation Interviews.

Aviva, Courtney, and Dianne


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