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Our Tenth Post — January 24, 2009

January 24, 2009

It was another busy week in our classroom! The children are working hard at completing our latest round of literacy and math centres. We will finish the centres by January 29th, and then we will post information and photographs of them on the Kindergarten Website.

We noticed that many more children are trying to use the letter-sounds that they know in their writing. If possible, try to really encourage them to do this at home. For children that are reluctant to spell phonetically, we have them try to listen for just the first sound in a word and write it down. They will then use random letters for the rest of the word. Over time, we get them to listen for the first and last sounds in a word and write them down, and then eventually, to listen for the first, medial, and last sounds in a word and write them down. Having your children make cards, write letters, send e-mails, or keep a journal at home are all great ways to get them writing daily and becoming more confident writers too.

We also spent some time in class reviewing a special story that the children will help us retell on our upcoming Kindergarten Family Literacy Days (January 28th and 29th). We are looking forward to these fun events!

In math, we continued to discuss and create patterns. Our students know that patterns need to repeat, and they are working at creating and extending patterns of various complexities. Our discussion about patterns also allowed us to talk to our students about the importance of being metacognitive: thinking about their thinking. They will be learning more about metacognition this year. All of our students were excited to find out that they have been metacognitive all year long … and we know that they will continue to be metacognitive for the rest of the year too.

This week was an exciting week in our room, and we know that next week will be another exciting week, highlighted by our fun Family Literacy Day events. Have a great weekend!

Aviva, Courtney, and Dianne


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