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Our Sixteenth Post — February 27, 2009

February 27, 2009

It is hard to believe that another month is almost over! The children are working so hard in class, and we are really noticing some significant improvements in their skills.

This week, Cassi Smith started her supply teacher position in our room. All of the children enjoyed meeting and working with Cassi. She completed the morning message routine with the class and she reviewed the literacy centres with the students. On Thursday, she also completed the calendar routine with the class. The children are getting very excited about the calendar routine because we are almost at our special days: the 101st and 102nd days of school. We have some special math and literacy centres planned for next week to help the children celebrate these special days.

In language this week, we continued to work on the concept of “point of view.” The students are doing a fantastic job at understanding and communicating various points of view. Work at home with your child on this concept by talking to your child about what he/she might be thinking and what you might be thinking given various situations (e.g., if your child does not eat his/her dinner, if your child goes to bed right away, if your child breaks a valuable item, and if your child helps out his/her sibling, etc.). This is a great oral language opportunity!

In math, we continued to work on addition: not just being able to combine sets of objects, but also being able to discuss what it means to add sets of objects. This metacognitive step is really important. Many of the students are doing an excellent job at communicating their thinking. We posted an addition activity under the Activities link on the Kindergarten Website. Try it out at home with your child.

Have a wonderful weekend! We look forward to another exciting week next week!
Aviva and Cassi


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