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Our Ninteenth Post — March 7, 2009

March 7, 2009

This was an exciting week because it was our 101st and 102nd day of school. We had special literacy and math centres to celebrate these special days, and some of the students even got dressed up for the occassion. Guiding questions and photographs of these centres and of our last round of literacy and math centres are now up on the Kindergarten Website. There are some problems with the server this weekend though, so you may not be able to view these descriptions and photographs until next week. Sorry about that!

On Thursday and Friday, we told the children that from now on, we will no longer be completing our calendar routine. We will be reviewing the months and days through our morning message routine. Instead of calendar, we will start completing math word problems next week. These word problems will allow us to review key mathematical concepts with the students and also help teach them the importance of the language of math. We look forward to this exciting addition to our math program!

We have also made a slight change in our Language program too. Last year’s EQAO results indicate that many students have some difficulty with answering multiple choice questions. To help our students learn this important skill, we have included a multiple choice question as part of our morning message routine. The children each get a chance to vote on what they think is the correct answer, and then we complete the question together to find out for sure. These multiple choice questions are a great way to review key language and mathematical concepts taught in class.

Thank you for your continued support of our program! We look forward to another exciting week next week: the last week before March Break. Have a great weekend!

Aviva and Cassi

P.S. Due to the Board server issues this weekend, our Board e-mail addresses are not working either. If you have any questions, please phone us at school on Monday (905-304-3255). Thank you!


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