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Our Forty-Second Post — Report Card Information

June 14, 2009

Report cards will be sent home with your child on Monday, June 22nd (B Day) and Tuesday, June 23rd (A Day). Here are some important things to remember about the report cards:

1) SK students should be receiving primarily M’s (demonstrates most of the knowledge and skills) on their report card this term. If your child still has some S’s (demonstrates some of the knowledge and skills) on his/her report card, this indicates areas of need. Next steps in the report card will focus on these areas. These next steps suggest ways that you can help your child over the summer and ways that the classroom teacher can continue to help your child next year.

2) Some students receive C’s (consistently demonstrates the required knowledge and skills), which is our top mark, but is not necessarily equivalent to an “A” (the top mark) in Grade 1. In Grades 1-8, an “A” indicates that children exceed expectations, where in Kindergarten, a “C” indicates that children consistently meet expectations. Sometimes the wording can be confusing.

3) JK students should be receiving primarily T’s (additional time and experience needed) and S’s (demonstrates some of the knowledge and skills) on their report card, as the children have not been exposed to all of the specific expectations yet that match up to the overall ones that we assess. Please remember that the Kindergarten Program is a two-year continuum, so the JK students should be receiving higher marks next year as their skills continue to develop.

4) Most importantly, even though it is difficult to overlook the marks, please take a closer look at the comments first. These comments really reflect what your child is doing well and what your child still needs to work on. They also indicate growth regardless of the marks, and that is really the most important thing to see.

After the report card is sent home, please take some time to complete the last page of it with your child before returning Page 3 back to school on the next school day. Kindergarten students are now being asked to reflect on their own strengths and needs, and this is a great opportunity for them to do so.

If you have any questions about your child’s report card, please let us know ( We hope that all of you can use this report card to help celebrate the gains that your child has made throughout the year, while also helping your child set some goals for the next school year.

Have a great day!
Aviva, Cassi, and Dianne


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks for clarifying that Aviva. Your blogs have been fun to follow. Especially the ones with video!

    Mark's Marvelous Mommy:)

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