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Favourite Author Poll

August 19, 2009

We want to find out a little bit more about you. Please complete our “Favourite Author Poll” below with your mom or dad. (Note that there are two different ways to vote.) If you want to tell us more about your favourite author, or if you like an author that is not included in the list, please add a comment in the “Comments” section. You can also e-mail us your thoughts at We look forward to hearing about your favourite author.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    i love the green eggs and ham book

  2. Miss Dunsiger permalink

    Why do you love that book? What other Dr. Seuss books do you like?

  3. i love that book because it rgms. i also like cat in the hat

  4. Rhyming books are always lots of fun. We will read lots of rhyming books in Grade 1!

    If anyone else wants to tell us about their favourite books, please do. Then we can try to make these books a part of our classroom library. Thanks!

  5. Anonymous permalink

    I love the smelly socks by Robert Munsch.


  6. Miss Dunsiger permalink

    Why do you like Smelly Socks? What other Robert Munsch books do you like? Robert Munsch is one of my favourite authors too.

  7. I like Dave Pilkey and Melanie Watt books

  8. Miss Dunsiger permalink

    I like Dave Pilkey and Melanie Watt books too. Scaredy Squirrel is one of my favourite books because it always makes me laugh. What are some of your favourite books by these authors?

  9. I like Dav Pilkey too! Captain Underpants are cool books. I have read all of them with my dad. I liked in the second book when Captain Underpants beats the toilet guy.
    I also liked the Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney. I liked the part when Greg tells his friend his hand is bigger than his face. When his friend puts his hand in front of his face, Greg pocks his hand and makes him smack his nose. That really made me laugh. I tried it on my mom and that is even funnier!
    I have been reading lots of Archie comic books this summer. The words are hard but the picture really help. Sometimes my mom asks me why I'm laughing and it's because the pictures are so funny.
    One other author I read with my dad is Jim Benton. The Franny K. Stein Mad Scientist books make me laugh hard.
    By Mark
    With His Special Helper–MOM

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  11. Miss Dunsiger permalink

    Boy Mark! I loved how much you had to say. I actually bought some new comic books and wordless picture books for the classroom. I thnk that you'll enjoy them. You gave me some new authors that I have to go and check out now too.

    I really like how you use the picture clues to help you even when the words are difficult. This is a terrific strategy! I hope that you share this good idea with the other children in the class. It's great when we can all learn from each other.

    Hope you're having a great summer! See you soon!

    Miss Dunsiger

    P.S. Thanks to your special helper too! You two make a great team!

  12. I like The Magic School Bus because I like Ms. Frizzles field trips.

  13. Miss Dunsiger permalink

    Thanks for the comment, Kaitlin! I like The Magic School Bus books too because Ms. Frizzle always makes learning so much fun. I think that Ms. Frizzle helped me love science. What do others think? Which Magic School Bus books are your favourite ones? Please share.

  14. Grade 1 Team permalink

    Only two days left to participate in our Favourite Author Poll. Thank you to so many of you for voting and sharing your thoughts with us! We will post another poll soon.

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