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Our First Class VoiceThread: "Best Pet" Activity

September 22, 2009

After reading The Best Pet last week as our modelled reading text, the children got into groups and created their own “best pet.” They had to think about why this pet would make the best pet. Here is a link to our VoiceThread discussion on this topic (connect speakers to your computer when listening to this VoiceThread if possible). It is great to hear the various responses of the students. After completing this activity, and after having the children listen to what they said, they also reflected on what we did: they loved sharing their ideas with the other students in the class, but they realized the importance of speaking in a loud, clear voice, so that others can hear what they have to say. We will have lots of opportunities to practice this with future VoiceThread projects. This activity was definitely a great way for the children to extend their understanding of the text while also continuing to develop their oral language skills. We hope that you enjoy what we did!

Miss Dunsiger’s Class


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