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A Meaningful Inferring Activity: Behold the Wordle :)

October 3, 2009

On Friday, October 2nd, the Grade 1 classes got together to view one of the Wordles that another school involved in the Waliacam Wikispace Project made. In order to make this activity more fun, we took a screenshot of the completed Wordle and added the “popping balloons” on top of it (available in the Notebook Gallery). Aviva learned about this trick at the planning inservice that she attended on Wednesday, September 30th.

Children took turns coming up to the SMART Board and popping the balloons (just by tapping them). The children then looked at the words that were revealed, and inferred what story this Wordle is about. As more words appeared, their inferences changed. We tried recording a podcast of their thinking, but since the students were talking from their spot on the carpet instead of directly in front of the microphone, their voices were hard to hear. We will try recording another podcast soon though.
In the meantime, look at the Wordle pictures below, and see if your child can use all of the words to help determine the title of the story. (We did this in class as a group, but we would love to hear individual explanations.) Please post your thoughts here. Without using any names, we are going to take all of the comments and post them in a reply on the Waliacam Wikispace. Thank you for your help with this special project!
Click on the images to have them open in their own window.


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  1. I thingk that this Story is about [Farmer Joe gose to the city].I also Thingk that it is [The boy hoo Always askt qeshtins.]

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Interesting ideas, Layla. What clues in the Wordle make you think of these two stories? I would love to hear your thoughts. Does this Wordle make anybody else think of a different story? Please share your thoughts. All ideas are welcome!

    Thanks for starting this discussion, Layla!

    Miss Dunsiger

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