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Virtual Pumpkin Carving — Aviva’s Class

October 29, 2009

Check out this video of our Virtual Pumpkin Carving Activity. We voted for which shapes to use for the different parts of our pumpkin face. Students had to interpret the graph to determine which shapes they had to make. They loved this interactive activity!



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  1. hape halowen mss dnsigr.
    from joelle.

  2. Happy Halloween to you too, Joelle! Remind me tomorrow, and I'll show your blog comment to the rest of the class too. Maybe we can even write a comment together.

    Miss Dunsiger

  3. Anonymous permalink

    I liked watching the pumpkin video!!!!
    Thank you!!!!!

  4. Glad you liked the pumpkin video, Layla! We all miss you today. Hope you'll be back soon!

    Miss Dunsiger

  5. Once again, I enjoyed listening to the children's comments while designing their pumpkin. You might enjoy the site from Better Homes and
    The children can create a snowflake.
    Susan McDonald, Chicago.

  6. Thanks for the website, Susan! I'll definitely have to look at it … I'm sure that my students will love it!

    It's amazing to think that you're listening to our comments all the way from Chicago. Wow! I love technology!

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