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Video Of Our 100th Day Of School

February 17, 2010

Today was a very exciting day in Grade 1: our 100th day of school! Watch this video of our special day with your children, and talk to them about some of the exciting things that they did at school today. We would love to hear about what they enjoyed the most! Add a comment here letting us know.

Have a great evening, and we look forward to seeing you at school tomorrow for Day 101!


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  1. Great video Aviva! Thanks so much for all the time you take to show us moms and dads how our precious little people are doing at school!

  2. Lucy permalink

    LE was talking all evening about the fun she had today. She'll be so excited to watch this tomorrow. I loved seeing all the different things that went on today. Thanks Aviva!

  3. Thank you both for the very nice comments! Glad to hear that you liked the video, and that both JD and LE enjoyed their special day today. Happy to know that the video gave you a chance to be part of this special day too!

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