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Math Homework Wallwisher

March 6, 2010

For our weekly math homework, we are trying to expose the students to some different online tools that they can use to share their learning with others. Wallwisher is one of our favourite tools. In this post, we embedded the Wallwisher activity that the students completed for homework on March 3rd. Thank you all for contributing to this Wallwisher! Try reading through some of the comments that others left here and discuss these comments with your children. Your children can also add another sticky note to this Wallwisher: sharing more information that they are learning in class!


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  1. Love it!

    You inspire me!
    How do you find these tools?

  2. Thanks! Glad you like it!

    I find a lot of the tools through educators that I follow on Twitter. I would recommend following @zbpipe and @mrjarbenne if you're not following them already. They're two people that really inspire me!

  3. thanks, Aviva.

    I had a thought:
    Would your grade ones mind posting on our “community wall?”

    Even though u r in Ont., we would love to learn about the similarities and differences and landmarks in your community….a global connection for them 🙂

    Also, do u already have email buddies this year???
    Maybe we could each do an animoto video of our communities and share them? or something??

  4. We would love to post on your Wallwisher! We're off next week on March Break, but I'll make this a priority when we get back. I think that an Animoto video on our communities would be great too. My students would love this new global connection!

    Thanks for being so willing to collaborate with us!

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