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VoiceThread For Our TLCP: Inferring Activity

April 2, 2010

The Grade 1’s decided that for this TLCP Goal (Teaching Learning Critical Pathways Goal) we were going to use technology as part of our final task and find a way to share our work with a larger audience. This would help make this inferring activity more meaningful, providing an opportunity for others to comment on the work and hopefully help our students reflect on their thinking too.

Some students feel more comfortable than others in sharing their thinking orally, but as you can hopefully tell from the slides, all students got to use pictures and words to brainstorm their ideas first. The assessment of this activity is based on both what the students share orally and share in their graphic organizer too.

We hope that you enjoy our first attempt at getting all of our Grade 1 students to record their ideas in a VoiceThread, and talk without the use of a script but just with some ideas brainstormed first.

If you have read The Berenstain Bears Visit The Dentist, please comment here and let us know what you think Sister Bear is thinking now (being the end of the story) and how you know this. We would love to hear your ideas too!


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