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Team Work

June 19, 2010

I am lucky to work as part of such a wonderful team. I was reminded of this on Wednesday when the music teacher came to tell me that her video was complete. All of the Grade 1 and 2 students have taken a special interest in Waving Flag, and so the music teacher used her incredible talents to put together a video of the students dancing to this song. She gave me the video, and my class helped embed it on one of the Music Glogs that they created during literacy centres. They loved watching themselves singing and dancing on the “big screen” (in this case, the SMART Board). They asked me to tweet about this video being on the glog, and I did. Within minutes, @rmcdonald17, direct messaged me to say that he shared this video with his class in Manitoba, and they liked it so much, that they requested to watch it again and again. My students were thrilled! We have collaborated many times with Mr. McDonald’s class, and they loved knowing that their successes could be celebrated by their “other Canadian friends.” I am fortunate to be a part of so many wonderful teams, and in this case, I can thank many of them: from Mrs. Ledroit (the amazing music teacher) to my students (the awesome people that thought of tweeting this video out in the first place) to my Twitter PLN, and in this case, more specifically @rmcdonald17 (the fantastic Grade 2 teacher that I’m lucky to consider both a colleague and a friend)!

I hope that all of you have had some wonderful experiences like this one, and I hope that you’ll leave a comment here and share them too. Can’t wait to read about some of the highlights of your year!


Right-click on the glog and choose “Full Screen” to make it bigger.

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  1. Melody_ugdsb permalink

    This glog is very cool! I love Glogster! My Gr. 2 class LOVES the Waving Flag song also. They kept on singing it during class time but they weren't too sure of all the words at first so I told them that I'd teach it to them. I embedded the You Tube version which includes the lyrics on our blog and now they love to read along and yes, sing along, oblivious of the world! I love it! Mrs. E.

  2. Thanks! Glad you liked it! The music teacher showed the Grade 1 and 2 students the YouTube version too, and they liked it so much, that she had them create their own music video. They loved making it, and enjoyed seeing the final product even more.

    Thanks for your comment!

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