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A Whole New Way To Do #FollowFriday

August 19, 2010

I wanted to try something a little different for #FollowFriday this week, so I thought that I would create a Voki and let my PLN on Twitter know just how much they mean to me! Each and every one of you deserve to be followed for all of the wonderful ideas that you share and all of the help and support that you provide. One of my favourite educational quotes is, “To teach is to touch lives forever,” and you have all touched my life: teaching me so much and making me a better teacher as a result. Thank you!

This Voki is for you:

AC_Voki_Embed(200,267,”86ed42bbcda7cd205c10b16c30f24037″,2690799, 1, “”, 0);

Get a Voki now!

Since I can’t mention all of your names in this brief message, and since even when I do mention them, I may not pronounce them correctly, here’s a glog of all of the wonderful educators that I follow on Twitter. Happy #FollowFriday to all of you!



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  1. Another very creative post by @Grade1. You certainly find great ways to share with your #FF tweeps!

  2. Thanks Cyndie! I like to try and come up with new ways of doing #FollowFriday! I think that it's important to recognize all of those that help us out each day, and you are definitely one of these people. I love learning from you! Thank you!


  3. You continue to inspire!! Thanx for taking the time out of setting up your classroom, creating your class blog and new wiki to post such a creative “FollowFriday”. Love your Voki, especially your Canadian accent. (My daughter and grandchildren live in Canada!)

  4. @techieteacher: Thank you so much for the comment! I'm so glad that you enjoyed this blog post. You're a very important part of my PLN, and you definitely deserve a “thank you!”


    P.S. Happy to hear you liked the Canadian accent too!:)

  5. Another fun and innovative way to share your appreciation on this #FF, Aviva! You area always modeling to others how to take risks and keep learning! I have learned so much from you these past months!

  6. Thank you so much, Michelle! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the blog post. I like to try new ways of recognizing my amazing PLN for #FollowFriday, and I'm thrilled that you like some of the different ways that I've used.

    Michelle, you're a very important part of my PLN, and I have learned so much from you these past few months. You are definitely deserving of a #FollowFriday!


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