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So Proud!

September 14, 2010

I love this video clip of two of my students reading together during literacy centres today. Watch them track the print in the book, problem-solve the words, and work on reading fluency too! Way to go! I just had to celebrate this success!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

After catching this moment on video the other day, I was walking around yesterday during literacy centres, and I saw these two students reading together again. They said to me, “We’re going to finish Andrew’s Loose Tooth today. You can get the rest of it on video now.” They were so excited for me to videotape them again that I just had to add the update here. Enjoy!

Seeing this wonderful learning, problem-solving, and collaboration in action is really what teaching is all about!


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  1. Hi Aviva!
    You must be proud of your group! They are doing great! Congratulations for all of you!

    Luciana Podschun
    São Paulo, Brazil

  2. Thanks Luciana! They're a wonderful group of students, and I'm very proud of them indeed!


  3. Cecilia permalink

    This post has been removed by the author.

  4. Cecilia permalink

    Congratulations for you work!
    They are really cute reading books and I think it is an important step!

  5. What great readers! Thank you for sharing a proud moment with us!

    Faith Shabat

  6. Thanks Cecilia and Faith! I was so proud of them! It's nice to be able to “catch” a moment like this one.


  7. Laura V. permalink

    Okay, I'm proud too – but then, I'm the mom of the student on the left!!! 🙂 She told me about this after school yesterday, Aviva, and was bursting with pride and excitement. I'll be sure to show her the clip today after school.

  8. Oh, that's awesome! I was just so excited to be able to capture this moment on tape. I showed the students the clip yesterday, and told them I was going to blog about it. I mentioned this blog in class today, and your daughter said that she told you all about it last night too. I'm sure she'll love to see it on the blog after school today!


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