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Reading Buddies: Giving Students Leadership Opportunities

November 1, 2010

My class started Reading Buddies today. For the first time ever, I am pairing up with younger junior students (a Grade 4 class) for Reading Buddies. The students meet every Day 3 for 20 minutes to read to each other. Both the Grade 1/2 students and the Grade 4 students have specific reading tasks, and they both get an opportunity to self-assess and peer-assess their reading.

Today was fantastic! About 10 minutes into our Reading Buddy time, the Grade 4 teacher said to me, “Isn’t this amazing, Miss Dunsiger?!?! Look at the students. They’re all engaged, they’re all reading, and there are no problems either.” It really was great to see!

Throughout our Reading Buddy time together, the students are also going to get a chance to respond to books together using different technology tools too (including blogs, Wallwishers, VoiceThreads, and even our Palm Treos). The Grade 1/2 students will get to teach the Grade 4 students how to use these tools, and both groups of students can experiment and learn together.

What are some different activities you’ve done with Reading Buddies in the past? I would love to hear your ideas!



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  1. Dawn permalink

    This is my first year teaching grade 5/6 and my class is reading buddies with the grade 2 class. Ironically, we meet every day 3 as well!

    We've done lots of reading responses, but tomorrow, the grade 5/6 students are going to give the grade 2s specific feedback about their reading. Should be interesting!

    My class is learning about blogging and twitter! We'd love to link up… maybe they could even teach the gr.2s at our school about twitter through linking up with you! Our twitter name is @ruralteacher and our blog can be found here:

  2. Thanks for your comment! I would love to connect with your class. We use Twitter quite a bit in our class. Our class Twitter names are @avivadunsiger and @avivadunsiger2.Maybe we could do some tweeting during reading buddies on Day 3 too. I'll send you a tweet about this now.


  3. Anonymous permalink

    I always found young junior students were more attentive than intermediate students as buddies. When I last taught a 1/2 class we buddies up with the gr5 class and did lots of reading and tech stuff together. We called them learning buddies not reading buddies.

  4. Thanks @TechieAng! I love the term “learning buddies.” I may have to borrow that one.:) I hope that these Grade 4 students can be our learning buddies too!


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