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Students Explaining Their Thinking

November 13, 2010

Last weekend, I wrote a post on the Live With Livescribe Blog about metacognition. I think that it’s really important that students of all ages explain their thinking. Below is a Glog where I’ve embedded three videos of students demonstrating metacognition in both reading activities and math (right-click on the Glog to view it in full screen).

For parents out there, I’d love to hear about how your child demonstrates metacognition when completing different literacy and math activities at home. For teachers out there, I’d love to learn about different metacognitive activities that you’ve done with your class before. Hopefully we can all learn from each other.



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  1. Great job explaining your thinking!

    We learned a lot from you.

    Mr. Fines and the KF Dragons

  2. Yeah!! We're so glad. Happy you liked our videos.

    Miss Dunsiger And The Grade 1/2 Students

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