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Real Collaboration

November 26, 2010

For Reading Buddies today, our class worked with the Grade 4 class to add a sticky note to this Wallwisher Wall (embedded below) on books. Students reflected on the books that they read together. Some of my Grade 2 students used Wallwisher last year, so they were the experts, but for the majority of students, this was a new tool. Students had access to the wall on nine computers and the SMART Board.

It was amazing to watch! The students were working together on these computers and on the SMART Board too. They were problem-solving together, writing together, and even sharing ideas both orally and in written form. This was real collaboration! It wasn’t about the teacher showing the students what to do, but about the students showing each other what to do and helping each other along the way. Now the only question is, what exciting thing can we do next week for Reading Buddies?

To really help make this Wallwisher Wall a global activity, we would love for you to add a sticky note here about a lesson that you’ve learned from a book that you’ve read. Thanks for your help with this activity!
Aviva (Grade 1/2 Teacher) and David (Grade 4 Teacher)


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  1. Love it! I think this would be a great tool to use with my grade 8's. Think it is fantastic idea to have the kids learning from each other. Certainly lends itself to creating a supportive learning community.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Elaine! I think that Wallwisher would be a wonderful tool for Grade 8 too. It's a great way for students to reflect and learn together as well. Hope you try it out and enjoy using it as well!


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