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Reflecting On Our Musical

December 4, 2010

Completing The Wallwisher With Their Partners

With special thanks to Ms. Ledroit, Mrs. Lucarelli, and Ms. Doyle, all of the primary students were involved in presenting a musical for the holiday season. The students spent months practicing for this musical during their weekly music classes as well as during some special nutrition break practices. On November 30th and December 1st, they got to share their months of work during two daytime performances and one evening performance.

For a special Friday Journal this week, my students worked in partners to reflect on their performance: what did they do well, and what could they improve the next time? The students quickly realized that nobody is perfect, and while they all worked hard, they also realized their areas of weakness too. This reflection fits perfectly with our new Arts curriculum, and allows students to do some meaningful writing as well.
Read through these sticky notes with your child, and feel free to add additional sticky notes too. Thanks for your help with this activity!
P.S. Since I got to perform alongside the students, I added a reflection too. Please note though that one of the students used my laptop for this activity and so my username appears on her sticky note as well. I did manage to stand “quietly” on the stage … or at least relatively so. 🙂


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