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Trying Out Lino

December 4, 2010

For Reading Buddies last week, my Grade 1/2 students worked with their Grade 4 buddies to add sticky notes to a Wallwisher Wall detailing what they learned from various books. This week, we focused on asking questions. The students read books with their reading buddies, and then added sticky notes to a Lino Wall (embedded below) with their questions and even some possible answers too. It was great to watch the students working together to formulate the questions and post their notes.

It was also great at the end of the process when I asked the students what tool they liked better — Wallwisher or Lino — and why? All of the students agreed that they liked using Lino more. They said that it was, “easier to grab the sticky note than to double-click and make it appear.” The Lino sticky note is also “bigger,” so it’s “easier to type on and post.” Students also enjoyed all of the “colour choices.” They had so much fun using this tool that they almost forgot that they were reading and writing too!

So for now, all I’m thinking is, what can I try out next week? If you have any ideas to share, I would love to hear them. Thanks for your help!


Use your mouse to move around the canvas and see the different sticky notes. Feel free to add one of your own too.


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  1. I heard about a wonderful reading buddy program that has met with much success in Washington State. You may wish to check it out,

  2. Thanks for the link, Kara! I'll definitely check this out.


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