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Verb Videos

January 11, 2011

Since we got back to school after the Winter Break, the students have been learning about verbs (action words). To help them demonstrate what they learned, my Grade 1 and 2 students worked in partners to create their own videos. They made plasticine creatures to use in their videos, and they even designed their own sets too. Some students decided to take turns saying sentences that included nouns, verbs, and sometimes even adjectives too, and some students decided to create a story that included the use of verbs. We’re going to watch these videos tomorrow, and the children are going to use them to create their own Verb Wordles to embed in their individual blogs. To help them with this activity, please add a comment here with some verbs that you either heard or saw demonstrated in these short movies. The children would love to add some of your verbs to their Wordles.

Thanks for your help with this activity!
P.S. Reflecting on these videos, the students learned about the importance of using clear, loud voices and including actions to accompany their dialogue. I was really pleased with their first attempt at these mini-movies!

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