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Our Readers’ Theatre Presentation Of The Three Little Pigs

February 10, 2011

This week, my students have been working on rehearsing a Readers’ Theatre presentation of The Three Little Pigs. We have read the script together as a class, and the children have read it in small groups. They practiced the actions in small groups too. They even rehearsed the script with a global audience by presenting it to @mrmacnology‘s class yesterday via Skype.

Today, the class read the script together, and we recorded the first reading using the Livescribe Pen. The children listened to this reading, and reflected on how they did. Students noted that they were not loud enough and did not always remember when to speak and when to listen. They also noted that they did not always speak in time with the other people in their group. We used the reflections from this initial recording to make our second recording even better. Students still noted when they forgot to speak or when they were not in time with their other group members, but they all agreed that they did a better job the second time around.
Students then got in groups and rehearsed their lines with the other group members. They added in some actions too. Eventually it was time to record the plays. All four groups took turns presenting, and in between the presentations, students offered positive feedback to their peers and some suggestions too. The class agreed that it was great that all students participated and tried to project their voices so that they could be heard too. They liked how students helped each other track the lines. They also enjoyed the voices that the students gave to the different characters. For the first two presentations, their peers suggested that students remember to “act” their role as well as “speak” it. Students thought that the third group did better than this, but that some classmates interrupted the presentations by walking in front of the filming. All of the students agreed that the last group used the feedback well from the other three groups, and remembered to “speak” and “act.”
I hope that you enjoy these presentations. I was proud of all of the students for participating so eagerly in this Readers’ Theatre activity and really trying to take on the different character roles. What Readers’ Theatre activities have you tried with your class? I would love to hear some suggestions to try out with my students too!

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  1. Wow! What a super job. I truly enjoyed your presentations – what wonderful readers and performers you are!

    Mrs. Smith (in Ottawa)

  2. Thanks Mrs. Smith! My students will be thrilled when they see your comment. I'll share it with them on Monday when they're back at school.

    Thanks again for the comment!

  3. Such amazing use of reader's theater. You can tell that you practiced, practiced, and practiced. Way to go!! It was such a joy watching your presentations.

  4. Thank you for the comment, Joanne! My students will be thrilled to hear that you enjoyed their presentations so much!


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