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Blogging: A Student Voice

February 18, 2011
Tonight I uploaded a video that I took of a Grade 2 student explaining blogging. He was completing a blog post during math centres today, and when I asked him what he was doing, he shared his blog post with me, and also explained what he was going to continue to write about.
After uploading the video, I tweeted out the link, and within minutes, I received mentions from @langwitches and @_zebrastripes:
I love what they had to say here. We really do need to hear from more students about their definition of blogging. This student does make blogging sound so easy, as blogging is a regular part of his classroom routine. He’s excited to blog, and he sees the power of sharing his thoughts online.
Let’s see if we can get some more students sharing their thoughts on blogging. What would your child say about blogging? I can’t wait to hear!

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  1. Check out this blog post (including a video) that Silvia produced as a result of this post: Thanks Silvia! Love hearing what your students had to say!


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