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When Technology Doesn’t Work

February 22, 2011

When I got to school this morning, the wireless network was down. Oh no! It’s Tuesday, and my students always do a blog post for our Word Wall and Word Family activity. I knew that they would be disappointed.

Sometimes technology doesn’t cooperate though. We all needed to be flexible. Instead of doing a blog post, students got to work on their own or with a partner to write a number story. The Grade 1’s needed to use a selection of numbers from one to ten, and the Grade 2’s needed to use a selection of numbers from one to twenty. We read a bunch of number stories together as a class, and we even wrote one together too. The students could be as creative as they wanted to be though!
They really wanted to still share their work with an audience, so I decided to take photographs of their stories and share them here in a Slideshare Presentation. I will never win any photography awards,:) but hopefully you can still read their work, and enjoy their number stories too!
My class would love to hear some of your number stories and number sentences as well. Please feel free to add a comment with your own. Thanks for your help with this special activity!

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  1. Tammy permalink

    My first comment is that there seem to be a lot of soccer fans in this class. My second comment is that I like the story about the astronaut. My third comment is I noticed many of the names of my sons' friends in all these stories. My fourth comment is that I'm glad Jimmy had enough crayons. My final and fifth comment is that I really LOVE butterfly stories.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! My students will be thrilled tomorrow when they see it. So glad to hear that you enjoyed these stories!


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