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An Amazing Week

April 9, 2011

I don’t go far without my camera. I am definitely not a professional photographer, or anything close, but I do see the value in pictures, and in the classroom, it’s amazing how much a few photographs will tell me about the learning that’s taking place.

Looking back on the photographs that I took this week, helped me realize just what an incredible week it’s been. Below is an Animoto Slideshow featuring some highlights of this week. I hope that you watch this slideshow with your children and talk about what happened in the classroom. What did your children enjoy the most? What are they looking forward to doing next? Please feel free to leave a comment here and share your thoughts!
Have a great weekend! I look forward to another amazing week next week!


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  1. Aviva,

    I love the great balance you strike between hands-on activities and technology. I think it's very easy to move away from hands-on creative task, projects, and activties when using text. Thanks for the reminder.

    Stephanie Dulmage (@stephe1234)

  2. Thanks Stephanie! I think that moving away from these other tasks can be easy too, but I do see the definite value in this balance. I'm glad that you do too!


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