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Building And Reflecting On Park Structures

May 3, 2011

My Grade 1 students got to join Mrs. Howe’s class today for a special building experiment. Students used a variety of recyclable materials to construct their own park structure that could hold a small teddy bear. The students had to plan this structure first, and then build it today. After building it, the students reflected on their work: what worked well, and what would they add or change the next time?

My students took turns recording these reflections using our classroom flipcam. Below are some of the reflections. It was interesting to hear what each of them had to say, as well as hear what information they provided on their own, and what information they shared after some guiding questions.

What feedback do you have for my students? I’m sure they would love to hear what you have to say! Thanks for your help, and a special “thank you” to Mrs. Howe for organizing and facilitating such a great activity!

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