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Imagine The Possibilities

May 21, 2011
Tuesday night, the Primary Choir had a special performance at our school in the library. Many of my students are in the choir, and I wanted to be there to hear them sing. I’m so glad that I went back to the school to watch! I was amazed by how many people were there. The room was packed!
As I sat and watched the performance, I was moved by both the singing and the environment. Music connects us! Watching what was happening around me made me realize just how much things have changed since I was in school. I remember singing in the Primary Choir when I was in school, and often parents came with their cameras to take photographs, and some parents even took videos too, but these photographs and videos were really just meant for personal use. No one was going to share them with a larger audience, but now, thanks to the tools we have, we can do just that!
The whole back row of the library was full of parents with their smart phones taking photographs and videos. With a click of a button and the wonders of social media, this evening performance could be shared with the world. Imagine if there were multiple schools from around the world, singing on one night, and maybe even singing together thanks to a tool such as Skype. Consider this: we could all have a global audience for our performances. The possibilities really are endless!
On Tuesday night, families came together: the listened, they sang, they connected. And with the tools of today, others from around the world can listen, sing, and connect with us too. I think that this is really incredible, and I think that our two wonderful choir directors, Mrs. Ledroit and Mr. Mitchison, deserve a big thank you for making a night like this such a memorable one for so many people. Congratulations to you and the Primary Choir for an evening to remember!

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  1. Has your school ever participated in Music Monday? It's held the first Monday of every May. There is one song that is sung throughout Canada usually at the same time. Perhaps your dream of connected schools could occur next year on Music Monday.

  2. No Angie, but I absolutely love this idea! I emailed a link to this post to our primary music teacher, and I hope that she sees your link too. This sounds like a fantastic way to connect with others through music!

    Thanks for the comment!

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