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Students Saying Goodbye

June 22, 2011

On my professional blog, I posted today about our school principal retiring at the end of the month. Bev Laporte is a fantastic principal that has really made a positive impact on all of the students at the school. When I told my class that Ms. Laporte was retiring, they wanted to do something for her to say, “goodbye.” Below are the common craft videos that the students created in partners today. The children drew the pictures, wrote the script, practiced the lines, and recorded the videos too. This was a reading, writing, and media literacy activity, but also a thank you to somebody special.

Ms. Laporte, we’re all going to miss you!
Miss Dunsiger and her Grade 1/2 Class

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  1. A wonderful and heart-felt tribute from your Gr. 1/2 students. They simplify their messages and get right to the point. Most authentic.

  2. Thanks! So glad you liked that. They really wanted to do something special for Ms. Laporte, and they were all proud of what they did here today.


  3. Great idea for an activity!! Lovely way to say good bye to someone they cared about.

  4. Thanks Alana! My students really love Ms. Laporte (we all do), and they enjoyed this way of saying goodbye.


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