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Why I Love The Flipcam

November 11, 2011

I teach a 1/2 split. Sometimes this means that my Grade 1’s are involved in activities that my Grade 2’s aren’t and vice versa. Today was one of those days. My Grade 2’s joined one of the other Grade 2 classes for a special Reptile Party while my Grade 1’s stayed back with me for a special seasons activity. These were both science activities, but the students weren’t doing them together.

As a last minute decision, I had my Grade 2’s bring the flipcam to the Reptile Party. I’m so glad that I did! When my Grade 2’s returned, they were so excited to share with the Grade 1’s what they did. While they described a lot, it’s not the same as seeing the events themselves. The Grade 2’s took over 15 videos of this special activity though, and all afternoon, we downloaded them onto my computer.
Thanks to the flipcam and an awesome group of Grade 2 students that know how to use this technology independently, the Grade 1’s can now participate in this activity virtually by viewing the videos here. Parents can also see what the students did this afternoon, and the students can talk about what they learned. With the blog, other students from around the world can learn what these Grade 2’s learned, all by watching short video clips as well. The power of the flipcam is really quite remarkable!
A special thank you to Mrs. Ryan for hosting this Reptile Party today. My students loved joining yours for an hour of learning and fun! For those that went to the Reptile Party and those that watched the videos, what did you enjoy the most? Why? What did you learn? I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Click here for the rest of the video links, including videos of Flat Stanley interacting with the reptiles.

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  1. That's soooo cool to see all of that excitement. Excitement = learning!

  2. Thanks Humberto! I agree with you too. It's clear the students had a lot of fun and learned a lot too!


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