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An Introduction To Skype

September 10, 2009

Today all of the Grade 1 classes got together to Skype a Grade 6 class at Lawfield School. It was an incredible experience! We got a chance to see the Grade 6 students and their teacher in the classroom, and we had the opportunity to talk to them about our goals for the year. They read us a poem by Shel Silverstein about Captain Hook, and even showed us the special lion toy that they have in their class that refuses to behave. All he does is giggle, even when the teacher asks him to stop. The lion loves to roll around on the desk and laugh and laugh and laugh. The Grade 6 teacher asked us if we had any solutions for how to get the lion to stop laughing. Talk to your child about this. If your child has a good solution to share, please post it in the “Comment Section,” and then we can share these good ideas with the Grade 6 class. We hope that the children enjoyed this special introduction to Skype! A very special thank you to the wonderful Grade 6 students and teacher that made this terrific learning opportunity possible for us!


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