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Update on our Waliacam Wikispace

October 10, 2009

Yesterday all of the Grade 1 students got together to view some replies to our posts on the Waliacam Wikispace. First of all, we viewed a reply to our Wordle (see the blog entry on September 15th to view a JPEG image of this Wordle). Here is a JPEG image of the reply as well as our response to the teacher that replied (all the way from Oklahoma):

Click on this image to view it in a separate window.

Please note that the Grade 1 students wrote the reply on their own using the keyboard on the SMART Board. Our students did a great job at using the words that they know along with the resource of the Word Wall to spell all of the words correctly in this reply. They also edited their post, making sure that the first word in the sentence started with a capital letter.

After the students wrote this reply, we looked at the response to our Sun and Shadows Project (see the blog entry on September 24th for more information on this project) from Mrs. Moore, a teacher in Australia. Instead of writing our reply, we used Audacity to make a podcast of our reply, but due to technical difficulties, we were unable to save this podcast. (We will try more podcasts in the future though.) We then took the information that the students shared in the podcast, and wrote a reply to Mrs. Moore. Look below to see her question and our reply:

Click on this image to view it in a separate window.

We hope that you enjoy seeing what we do on the Waliacam Wikispace. Please comment here if you or your child have any feedback about our involvement in this project.

Have a great long weekend!


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