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Down By The Bay

September 8, 2011
For Shared Reading this week, we read Down By The Bay. The students got to create additional verses to this song, orally first and then in writing. As a class, we developed Success Criteria for good sentences and questions, and all of the students had to check that their questions started with a capital, that they left spaces in between their words, and that they ended their questions with a question mark. The Grade 2 students also created some more complex verses, adding in adjectives to make their writing more interesting. Students were given a choice of using the sentence starter provided or writing their own complete question. Many of the students independently made use of their copy of the poem to find the words that they needed as they wrote their questions.
Below is a digital copy of our Down By The Bay Class Book:

Please read this book with your child and leave a comment with more possible verses that we could add here. We’d love to hear all of your ideas!


A Down By The Bay Update

Today (Friday, September 9th), my students recorded themselves singing Down By The Bay using AudioBoo. They read the words as they sang the song, tracking the words as they went along. I hope that you enjoy our singing debut!:)


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  1. Aren't you all clever! I enjoyed your class book very much. And your illustrations were so colorful and creative! Just wondering….Have you ever seen a squirrel spinning a whirl?

  2. Thanks Mrs. Bright for your comment! I love your rhyme too. I know that my students will as well.


  3. What a wonderful book! Congratulations. You have already been working very hard in grades 1 and 2 and it's only your fourth day! By the way, Have you ever seen a fish making a wish?

    See you soon,


  4. I'm ahead of myself. It's only your third day! Keep up the fantastic work.

  5. Thanks Mrs. McLaughlin for the comment! The students will love to read your rhyme tomorrow. They'll be so excited that you added a comment here too!


  6. What a great job Grades 1 and 2 did! I'm going to show this to my Grade 4 class in Virden, Manitoba this morning and I am sure they will write some rhymes for you. In the meantime have you ever seen a pig eating a fig? I love Raffi. He is so much fun.

  7. We love your book. Here are some of our 2nd grade class ideas:
    Have you ever seen a car with a bar? (Kody)
    Have you ever seen a school in a pool? (Caleb & Xavier)
    Have you ever seen a skirt kissing a shirt? ( Makenzie)
    Have you ever seen a dog choking on a log? (Carly)
    Have you ever seen a cat that was fat? (Preston)
    Have you ever seen a block hugging a sock?( Shelby)
    Have you ever seen a tock ticking a lock?(Sidney)

    Wow! They can't stop with the ideas. We may need to write our own book to share with your class.

  8. Thank you, Mrs. Garcia and Mary Beth! My students will love to see your rhymes!


  9. Dear Grade 1 and 2 class…

    I am a twitter friend of your teacher and I am always amazed at the very cool ways you use technology in your class. After a fun week at my school, I LOVED hearing you all sing your Down by the Bay and looked through your ebook! Bravo to all of your for your creative hard word….you too Ms. Dunsiger!

    Your twitter friend,

    Mrs. McV

  10. Thanks Mrs.McV! My students will love reading your comment! Glad you liked our singing. It was fun!


  11. Great idea! My grade 1s love singing this song on the guitar with me. I think we will try this activity next week!

  12. Thanks Patrick! I'd love to hear what rhyming verses your Grade 1's come up with too!


  13. Fantastic! I am wondering what program you used for the book?

    I teach Grade 3 and I would love to try this!

  14. Linda, thanks for your comment! I used FlipSnack. It's a free program, and easy to use. You just upload a PDF, and it turns it into a digital book. Hope this helps!


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