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Sun and Shadows Project Completed on Thursday, September 24th

September 26, 2009

This is the information that we published on the Waliacam Wikispace under “Sun and Shadows Project.” This Wikispace is password protected though, so since you can’t view the information there, we thought that we would share it with you here.

We hope that your child enjoyed this project as much as we did! This was a great way to integrate Science, Math, and Language Arts in a meaningful context.

Have a great weekend!

Sun and Shadows Project — Results For Ancaster Meadow School

It was supposed to be a sunny day according to the weather forecast, but it actually ended up being more cloudy than sunny in Ancaster. We therefore didn’t get the best results for this project. We learned though that the strength of the sun has a direct impact on the size of the shadow. While the shadow decreased in size between our first and second visit outside, it increased in size between our second and third visit because the sun came out from behind a cloud.

The Grade 1’s at Ancaster Meadow School would like to thank the Grade 7 students for helping us learn how to work a compass and measure shadows using a metre stick and measuring tape. We had fun working with you!

On our page here, you will find some photographs of us measuring the shadows, some photographs of a follow-up writing activity that we did after our initial measurement this morning, and a table of our data. The children predicted if we would have the same pattern of results as the Australian school that already completed this project. They also explained why they thought what they did.

Thanks for including us in such a fun project!
The Grade 1 Classes at Ancaster Meadow School

Click on the collage of images to make it bigger.


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